About Performance Parts

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Hussmann Performance Parts is your trusted partner, with a name synonymous with quality and dependability. With responsive and proactive support, we ensure your display cases are operating at peak efficiency.

Our team has over 150 years of experience working with refrigeration equipment and we understand what is needed. to achieve the most efficient, sustainable performance from your refrigeration systems.

Quick Facts

  • Performance Parts launched in 2002.
  • Over 12,000 unique parts and more than 1,200,000 total parts in-stock, ready to ship.
  • Need a part right away? Order any in-stock part before 4 pm CST and it will ship that same business day.
  • Hussmann Parts E-Store provides 24/7 access to over 4 million case bills of material for research and ordering the part you need anytime.
  • In 2018, Parts E-Store mobile optimized to provide part research and ordering directly from the store or repair site.

Customer Service

Hussmann Performance Parts prides itself in swift and excellent customer service with the drive to delight every customer.

In-Stock Availability Responsive Customer Service On-Time Shipping
98% 99% 95%

Receive needed products quickly.

Our parts representatives ensure you always receive quick and personal service.

Getting you your parts when promised.