Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does color #748 look like?

Color Chip 748 Cool Gray #748 Cool Gray is one of our standard case and bumper color selections.
Click here to display current Hussmann color chart page.
Before ordering, please contact your Hussmann representative for paint color sample options.

360° Interactive Views

See the part up close like you are holding it in your hand. New imaging technology built into the Hussmann Parts E-Store allows you to spin the image to see the part in 3-D from different angles making it easy to verify that you have the correct part before placing your order. You can also zoom in on the part to examine the details.

Where do I find my model and serial number?

For most models, the Model/Serial Number plate is affixed to the front left corner of the case inside the return air channel. Direct a flashlight through the return air grille to locate the serial plate.

Please refer to your case Installation and Operation Manual for the for the specific location.

Why doesn't the cart icon display for the part I need?

The case bill of materials may include manufacturing assemblies, subassemblies and components that may not be purchased individually. Additionally, some parts are not setup for ordering until customers need them. Call 855.HUSSPRT (855.487.7778) to speak to your Hussmann Performance Parts Representative to have the part setup for ordering.

What documents will I receive when placing an order?

The system automatically generates a Quote Acknowledgement, Sales Order Acknowledgement and Shipping Notification. Click here for information contained on these forms.

Do I need to sign-in every time I visit the site?

If you just need to identify the parts needed, you do not need to sign-in to access the Hussmann Parts E-Store. You will need to sign-in to add items to you cart, to see part pricing, to order and to check order status.

Why won’t the E-Store let me proceed to check-out?

If you are going to place an order, a valid Ship To address must be selected before proceeding to check-out.
To update, click on ORDER/QUOTE HISTORY and click on the gear icon (Settings Gear Icon) next to customer name. In the window that opens, click on the Ship To tab and select or create a complete shipping address.

Why can I not choose the Order button during check-out ?

The Hussmann Parts E-Store can only process orders with valid ship to addresses in the United States. Canadian customers can request quotes for purchase orders. All international orders must be submitted via telephone to 855.HUSSPRT (855.487.7778) or via email to

Who do I contact if I cannot find my part in the catalog?

Call 855.HUSSPRT (855.487.7778) to speak to your Hussmann Performance Parts Representative for all your refrigerated display case parts needs.

Who do I contact if my credit card information did not go through?

Call 855.HUSSPRT (855.487.7778) to speak to your Hussmann Performance Parts Representative.

What format should I use for entering my serial number?

Serial numbers range from 6 to 16 digits and letters long. Please enter any leading 0s (zeros) and without "-" for best search results.