Hussmann Refresh

Renew - Reskin - Transform

Refresh Before - After
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Breathe new life into the ambiance of your store by making your cases look new.

Dramatic Changes

  • Eliminate scratches, dings and dents.
  • Update the color of the equipment.

Simple Process

  • Simplified per-foot pricing.
  • Complete scheduling and install turnkey solutions available.

Low Cost

  • Equipment looks new at fraction of the costs of new cases.
  • Competitive with in-store repainting costs.
  • Discounted package prices available.

Minimal Disruption

  • Most work can be done overnight avoiding interruptions to store operations.
  • Minimal case downtime and product removal/restocking.
  • No residual paint fumes.

Transform All

  • Renew Hussmann and other manufacturers’ cases at the same time.