Hussmann Shelving for Leading Refrigeration Cases

Dairy Case Shelves

With Hussmann replacement shelving, you will receive the same quality that you have come to know and expect from us.

Our team has designed new, easy to assemble replacement shelving allowing you to replace shelving in Hill Phoenix®, Kysor/ Warren®, and Tyler® cases with ease.

Our shelving is competitively priced to help you save while expanding merchandising space. Plus, you can improve the look of your cases when you replace worn and damaged shelving.

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Standard 48 inch
250 lb. Capacity
2nd Design* 48 inch
250 lb. Capacity
2 Position Black White Black White
1.5" PTM Black White Black White
16" x 48" RX64UA cart RX65UA cart VH86UA cart VH95UA cart
18" x 48" RX62UA cart RX63UA cart VH91UA cart VH97UA cart
20" x 48" RX59UA cart RX61UA cart VH92UA cart VH98UA cart
22" x 48" RX57UA cart RX58UA cart VH93UA cart VH99UA cart HP Produce Bracket Detail
24" x 48" RX52UA cart RX56UA cart VH94UA cart VI00UA cart
*Select these kits when replacing Hill Phoenix shelves with brackets with hooks that point upwards.


Standard 30 inch
200 lb. Capacity
2 Position Black White
1.5" PTM Black White Anodized
22" x 30" VQ09AB cart VQ47AW cart VQ47AA cart
24" x 30" VQ10AB cart VQ48AW cart VQ48AA cart

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48 inch - 2 Position
250 lb. Capacity
Size Black White
1.5" PTM Black White
16" x 48" RY57UA cart RY62UA cart
18" x 48" RY56UA cart RY61UA cart
20" x 48" RY55UA cart RY60UA cart
22" x 48" RY54UA cart RY59UA cart
24" x 48" RY53UA cart RY58UA cart
48 inch - 2 Position
250 lb. Capacity
Size Black White
1.5" PTM Black White
16" x 48" RZ15UA cart RZ20UA cart
18" x 48" RZ14UA cart RZ19UA cart
20" x 48" RZ13UA cart RZ18UA cart
22" x 48" RZ12UA cart RZ17UA cart
24" x 48" RZ11UA cart RZ16UA cart
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Accessories for Improved Sales:

Worn and damaged price tag molding and product stops can detract from the appearance of your cases and product presentation. Updating price tag molding, lighting, and product stops will improve store ambiance leading to increased sales.

48 inch - LED

LED Color
EcoShine II 3000K 3500K 4000K
with Magnets Only KLI02O cart KLI03O* cart KLI04O* cart
48 inch Wide
Height1 Black White
2.5 inch 0360259* cart 0101895 cart
3 inch 0529725* cart 0529724 cart
4 inch 0364012 cart 0101896 cart
48 inch Wide
Shelving Light Harnesses
0523769 cart 0523770 cart 0523771 cart 0523766 cart 0523765 cart

Universal Open Lead Harness: 0523772 cart

48 inch Wide
Height1 Clear Acrylic
1 inch AI84O cart
2 inch AI85O* cart
2.5 inch FZ13O cart
3 inch AX45O* cart
4 inch AQ57M* cart

Call 855.HUSSPRT (855.487.7778) for Additional Sizes and Options including ENERGY SAVING CaseShield PTM!

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*Blue shaded boxes denotes most popular options.
1Total product stop height with brackets.

Hill Phoenix® and Tyler® are registered trademarks of Hill Phoenix, Inc.
Kysor/Warren® is a registered trademark of Heatcraft™ Refrigeration Products, LLC.